Arpad Muranyi | Bitcoin, Lightning Network & Tesla expert

My motto

Not crypto, Bitcoin.

My Mission Is to Bring The Bitcoin Standard to Hungary

About me

I understood the mission of Bitcoin and Tesla in 2019. I have been studying it a few hours each day since then, therefore several thousands of hours of research have been done by now.

I am not in charge of Bitcoin mining, but rather maintaining a Bitcoin full node and a Lightning node.

Since I know Bitcoin solves many of the main problems of humanity, I do keep focusing on it, and I do neglect all altcoins in the past, present and future.


  • Bitcoin & Lightning Network technical expertise
  • Bitcoin & Lightning Network payment solutions
  • Bitcoin & Lightning Network education (theory and practical applications)

No.1 technical advice

Never keep bitcoin on any exchange, but rather learn about "self-custody" and send your sats (bitcoin portions) to your own wallet.

No.1 investment advice

Start with investing plenty of time and energy in learning and understanding any kind of assets. Then invest no more money than your understanding is, and only invest money which you save for the future of your own and your loved ones. This way you do not risk anything, you can sleep like a baby in any circumstances, and you won't sell it when others panic or try to make you panic, but rather you buy more then, because you always know exactly what you do.

Bitcoin contribution

Social media


Support my work by testing this brand new peer-to-peer Lightning module and sending me some sats via the Lightning Network. This is totally peer-to-peer since the other end is directly my node.


Future partnership

  • I am looking for further cooperating partners on all sorts of fields. If you have an idea please let me know.


  • I apply more and more open source softwares.